Programs and Courses for
Medical Research Innovation and Commercialization

Sparking the best and brightest minds from
Medicine, Science, Engineering and Business
to Change the Landscape of Medicine

Participants learn to discover and develop within medicine
from idea through to commercialization





Apply for seed funding to bridge the "valley of death" in research
Learn to innovate in medicine from unmet need to start-up

Link your research with industry to achieve commercialization milestones

Join together with the SPARK Perth innovation ecosystem
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SPARK Manual

By SPARK co-founders
Daria Mochly-Rosen and Kevin Grimes

Western Australia and Beyond

Providing unmet needs with novel solutions

"Increasing collaboration between business, universities and the research sector is absolutely critical for our business to remain competitive. To commercialize an idea, a great invention, a great innovation, a great piece of research and then grow it into new sources of revenue, new jobs, new opportunities and new industries"
Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Spark Co-Lab is
bringing economic diversification
 investing in future industries
encouraging regional trade in medtech and biopharma
providing industry skills for doctors and scientists

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