​Fiona Stanley Hospital
Management Consultant at
Churchill Consulting,
Co-Founder of Biacor Pty Ltd
PhD Candidate at
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research,
Co-Founder of Biacor Pty Ltd

James Chen is a junior doctor at Fiona Stanley Hospital, following completion of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at UWA in 2015.  He aspires to blend both a passion for medicine as an interventional physician with his passion for the 'bigger picture' of health - economics, innovation and global health. He completed the Biodesign Course in 2017 and from there is part of Salutum Analytics, working on better ways to detect pressure injuries. He has been involved in a number of innovation and improvement projects, including assisting in the development of a hospital "Innovation Unit" and improved communication technology. He has also had the opportunity to experience firsthand the devastating consequence of lower socioeconomic areas including in Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa and remote communities in the Kimberly, which has nurtured a passion for equality and ensuring sustainable holistic solutions; not ‘band-aids for a broken leg’ both from a clinical and health system perspective.
Martina is a medical researcher with a strong passion for innovative medical technologies and devices. After working as a molecular biologist and geneticist both locally and internationally, in academia and industry, Martina is currently completing her Ph.D. in Neurodevelopment at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research through The University of Western Australia.
In 2017, Martina participated as an alumnus in the Spark Co-Lab Design Course and as a result, today she is a co-founder of the start-up company Biacor and co-inventor of AbYWin™, a novel technology to improve the diagnosis of prosthetic joint infection.

Chiara Giovanrosa’s vision is to lead organisational performance improvement through digital solution allowing better insight on operations and predictability. This can be achieved either through a pivotal role that connects the science with the funding enabling the research, innovation, testing and implementation, or as chief of operations pursuing partnership programs with technology providers. 

Lecturer - Occupational Therapy,
Postgraduate Course Coordinator,
Curtin University
Innovation Capability Manager,

Group Leader,
Dave began his clinical experience as an occupational therapist working in hand and upper limb rehabilitation. His particular interest in this area of practice is the rehabilitation of the upper extremity following trauma. After 7 years of clinical experience in this field he decided to return to study and began his Master of Business Administration at the University of Western Australia. While halfway through his MBA, he began a full-time teaching position at Curtin University in the School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work.  Currently, he is still at Curtin as the Postgraduate Course Coordinator within the school. He is also completing his PhD. investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of an iPad application for children on the Autism Spectrum. He is also working on a 3D printed robotic exoskeleton project for use in upper limb rehabilitation.
Cettina is an experienced senior leader, having held  roles across the health, education and finance sectors, in a range of different organisations including government, start-up and corporate. With a key focus and strength in building innovation, organisational capability and strategy, Cettina has deployed a number of different projects focussed in the areas of turn-around and growth, ranging from product development to organisational transformation.  She has build cross-sector collaborations, partnerships and has a passion for applying human centred design and agile approaches to designing solutions and delivering results. 

​A graduate of the Master of Business Leadership program at Curtin University, with a Bachelor of Arts and Honours in Psychology and Philosophy, Cettina applies her knowledge and professional expertise to create an impact, and help solve some of the world’s toughest problems. 

Shane is a commercial research scientist with over 10 years’ industry experience in the Biotechnology and Drug Discovery sectors. He is co-inventor on two provisional patents and currently works as a group leader at Phylogica, a Perth-based Biotechnology firm co-located with the Telethon Kids Institute.